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Happy Healthy HIP 4 Steps Easy Steps for Looking Good

There is a belief that looking good means exercising a lot and sacrificing most joys of life. I don't agree with that and can easily prove the opposite by my own example.

So, in my forties I still look good and full of energy due to 4 easy practices.

Eating Fresh Organic Produce

Fruits and Vegetables at Thomas Calomiris and Sons

We all know that we are what we eat. It makes sense to spend some extra money to buy quality organic food than spend thousands on dollars on medicine and visiting doctors. Every Saturday morning I drive to our local farmer's market to stock up on vegetables that will last for the whole week. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit is essential to digestive system and all this significantly reduces your chances of gaining weight. When you eat enough veggies and fruits your skin looks great and you won't need Instagram filters anymore.

Cooking Meals Yourself

Fresh Produce at The Farmers Market

I start my day with green smoothie and try not to skip this rule. It makes me feel full and provides enough energy to kickstart the new day. When I eat at home, I always cook meals from scratch. There are two reasons for this. When I cook meals myself, I can control the amount of salt, sugar and oil I put in the dish. Plus, I'm sure in the quality of products, and to be honest, fresh organic produce tastes much better than ready made goods, and you will get to love the original taste of products that is not masked by artificial food flavoring. Once you've developed healthy eating habits and have got used to your healthy diet you will feel easier following it.


ColonBroom Bottle

Drinking plenty of water and cleansing digestive system helps me stay slim and get rid of toxins. I use ColonBroom every morning half an hour before breakfast to cleanse the colon and get the digestive system working.

ColonBroom Supplement

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Yoga and Fitness

Yoga Practice at The Park Lawn

The last, but not the least solution to looking great is practicing yoga at least three times a week. Yoga also helps get rid of toxins and strengthens your body. It helps connect your body with your soul and teaches tons of useful skills from ability to concentrate to patience, loyalty and gratitude. By practicing yoga you learn to relax your muscle, especially face muscles, and that helps prevent wrinkles and slow down aging process.

Gym Equipment at Fitness Center

I love to combine practicing yoga with exercising in a gym. Ideally you need to exercise in a day to stay fit and look great. So, I switch yoga and fitness depending on my mood and work schedule. If I fail to get to yoga class, I go to the gym in the evening instead.

As you see it's not difficult to lead a healthy mode of life. All it takes is a little bit of self-organization and determination to follow your personal goals.

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