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When my husband first asked if I had ever heard of I wasn’t quite sure if it sounded familiar to me or not. Then I went to the site, recognized the logo and remembered, instantly, who I had heard of it from. An online friend and photographer, Lotus Caroll, a woman with amazing talent, had been talking about it a few months back and I remember checking out the website and making a mental note about using it for future photo projects.

My husband, who is also into photography, was excited to learn that the project he had been working on in iPhoto could easily be imported into Blurb’s site to visually create exactly the layout he was hoping for, which other sites didn’t seem to offer.  Blurb is known for being easy to use with many social sharing sites. From Flickr to Facebook and now Instagram, you can create photo projects of all kinds using their user-friendly website.

Give a personal gift this holiday with Blurb’s Custom Planners and Photo Books. Make a date with your creative side and make the perfect gift for family & friends or even yourself! Their beautifully designed photo books and weekly planner templates allow you to create a professional–looking, yet personal, gift for yourself or family, friends, co-workers, and clients. Give them a gift that they will love! Get started on your Blurb Custom Photo Book or Planner now!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, you should subscribe to Lotus Carroll’s Facebook page, where she uploads her amazing to share with the world.


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