The Refrigerator List

A few months back, I was at dinner with several friends when our conversation suddenly turned into a discussion on celebrities and who we found attractive enough to put on our “refrigerator list.”

I hadn’t heard this term before and for those of you who haven’t either, it’s that list, you know, the one where you include which celebrities you wouldn’t mind spending some *quality time* with (regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not).

I guess the whole point of calling it a Refrigerator List is that you put it out there for all to see, including your spouse if you’re married and they’re technically OK with it since they are expected to have a list of their own.

There were two straight men involved in this discussion, three straight women and one lesbian. It was quite interesting to see who was on others’ lists and the conversation quickly grew from who would be on our list if we weren’t straight. A couple of celebrities crossed over into each other’s lists and it’s been something I’ve been thinking about ever since, mostly because it’s not that uncommon to run into a celebrity with the work I do. I often wonder, too, how one defines a celebrity and what I would really say if my husband were to ever have the opportunity to meet someone on his Refrigerator List.

Now, before I go into naming the people on mine, I want to know if those of you reading this have even heard of this? Perhaps you don’t call it a Refrigerator List, but do you have a list and does your partner know about it?  Who is on theirs?


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