Cute Cartoon Portraits

I came across a great website by accident. I love it when this happens. My day job led me to a site for someone who creates video book trailers.

Joanna Goldman’s site is wonderful. She’s very talented, which is why I found myself clicking on the other links on her page to see what other things she’s done. To my delight, I landed on her page for Cute Cartoon Portraits, where she offers customized family portraits of your family or your family pet or your family with your pet.

Her online gallery is amazing and it almost made me want to get a dog or cat just so I could visualize what it would look like as a cartoon! I have already sent Joanna pics of me and my immediate family and she is in the process of creating a family portrait – cartoon style!

I can’t wait to share it when it’s complete but I also couldn’t wait to share her site with you. I’m already seeing this as an annual tradition to reflect on where each of us are at in our lives. Along with a photo, Joanna requested a short description of all of us and asked if we wanted anything else included (objects each of us could be holding).

My youngest, who is almost two, adores cars, trucks and trains at this stage. My oldest, nearly nine, loves playing video games on his computer. I mentioned books for myself and a guitar for my husband. The artist is at work creating a family portrait for us based on this information and the photos I sent. Did I mention how excited I am to see the final product?

Customers get two rounds of tweaks from the first draft before receiving the final masterpiece. How cool is that? You can get your portrait printed on a mounted canvas, or glossy photo paper. Check out her handy video on how it all works to see for yourself. She really is quite talented.


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