Happy Healthy Hip Parenting was founded by Sondra Santos Drahos in 2007. She is a Certified Parent Educator devoted to honoring families, supporting parents and enriching relationships. She is a Parental Advisor at Parental Wisdom and has been heard on NPR’s The Takeaway. Her blog has been mentioned on various news programs in San Diego. She is available for speaking engagements.

With her Marketing background and experience in Professional Writing, Sondra has been able to use this blog to share resources, information and ideas with growing families, building a powerful network and impressive following through many social media sites. She was included in the Nielsen’s list of Top 50 Power Moms in 2009.

Sondra lives in Solana Beach, California, with her husband and two boys. She started blogging during her days as a single mom. You can read the full story at her previous address, where she shares, in full detail, how she got where she is today.

Email: sondra @ happyhealthyhip (dot) com


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