Parenting Workshops

The following parenting workshops are offered (please see the following page for more). These are one hour in length and can be presented to your playgroup, parent association or other groups. We can also create a customized program for individuals or couples looking to cover a specific age or topics.

Balancing Love and Discipline

Introduces the concept of firm and kind, unconditional love, and the value of more action and less talk.

Balancing Work and Family

Learn how to nurture yourself and your family so that your family fully supports your work. Find the balance.

Consequences That Work

Introduces the concepts of natural and logical consequences and how parents / teachers can effectively use them.

Creating Cooperative Families

Teaches how to create a cooperative family / classroom atmosphere and what to do when there is a lack of cooperation.

Effective Adult / Child Communication

Introduce the concepts of listening, GEMS, handling feelings, and conflict resolution.

Enhancing Children's Self-Esteem

Demonstrates 10 methods of disciplining while instilling high self-esteem.

Getting in Step with Step-Parenting

Learn how to work cooperatively with your co-parent and peacefully blend families.

Handling Aggressive Children in the Classroom (Ages 0-6)

Explore developmental and learned aspects of aggression and 15 actions you can teach to correct this behavior.

Handling Sibling Rivalry

There is a difference between sibling rivalry and sibling conflict. Learn how to identify and correct each behavior.

How to Turn a Terrible Two Into a Terrific Two

Use developmental information and the mistaken goals of power and attention to make this difficult time wonderful.

"If You Don't Stop Crying..." How to Handle Children's Feelings

Shows the effects of feeling-stoppers and feeling-encouragers and how to work with children's feelings in each developmental stage.

"No I Won't and You Can't Make Me!" Effectively Handling Power Struggles

Teaches how to recognize and disengage from a power struggle and what to do to lessen them in the future.

"That's It, You're Grounded!" Parent/Teen Communication

How to effectively communicate with your teen, set clear boundaries, and understand what happened to your child!